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Bill Fraser conservatively, since his career in Recruiting began in May of 1979, has interviewed over 6,000 candidates. The vast majority of them young aggressive business professionals…most of them loaded with education and talent…but absolutely clueless as to the techniques of interviewing...

Interview Training

If you think about it, a good Fortune 500 or other large national firm may review or receive a thousand resumes before they decide to hire someone. It is inconceivable that any firm can start with a 1000 some odd candidates…and end up with the single most qualified of the bunch as their new employee. The physical numbers are too staggering.

So subsequently, they always end up with the best “INTERVIEWER’.

This is not in any form or fashion a bad thing because if a young professional takes the time to learn the ‘techniques’ of interviewing…then he or she has got a lot on the ball and will probably make a good employee for that national firm…if he or she doesn’t know the techniques of interviewing, then the chance are great that they will probably be left behind.

But that is not the point, the point is that takes the same level of preparation to be a good interviewer as it does to play the lead in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (rehearsal), as it does to know an opponent’s tendencies on the gridiron (practice) and as it does to pass a final exam at college (study).

However, first you must know the correct techniques. It doesn’t matter if as a candidate you are trying to find a position as a Vice President or as an Entry Level Sales Rep or Accountant…if you do not use the correct techniques, then you are not maximizing your chances of achieving your choice of positions in today’s employment market place.

As a candidate for employment, you do not want to hope that one of the companies that interview you will hire you, you would rather have 5 job offers out of the next 6 companies that you meet with…YOU WANT YOUR CHOICE.

I can teach you these techniques in an hour or two (depending on how good you are at listening). And if you are a young person just starting out and you have someone else footing the bill…you can bring them along to the meeting so they can see the value of this training session.

Finally, it doesn’t matter what type of position that you seek, because the techniques stay the same…and they will serve you for the rest of your life. Think about it, in your life you will interview for:

  1. Jobs
  2. Promotions
  3. Employees to work for you
  4. The IRS
  5. Your future spouse’s parents
  6. For a Mortgage on your first mansion
  7. For a loan on your first luxury car, and
  8. Who knows, maybe even 60 minutes or the Tonight Show

And if you think it through….many, many other situations or entities will require you to interview

Contact me, we will work out a reasonable rate, get a group together and we will make it even more reasonable.

“Bill Fraser is a Recruiting Genius. Over the course of the last decade, Bill has placed significant additions to my sales staff that have proved to be prime assets as my firm has tripled in its size during that period of time. His single minded devotion and assertiveness are two keys to his success in becoming one of the premier sales recruiters of his generation. Bill is worth double what we pay him…he is just not going to get it.”

Carolyn Luby, President, InsurMark

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