William’s Personnel is the brainchild of William S. Fraser of Cypress, TX. ‘Bill’ as he is called, started his career in the Recruiting Business in May of 1979 with a firm by the name of Windsor Consultants Inc...


In 1979 and at 23 years of age, Bill took to recruiting and placing ‘Sales’ people of most shapes and sizes.

The way this all started was after Bill had relocated to Texas after getting his college education from a small Business School by the name of Nichols College, (not to be confused with Nichols State in Louisiana). Nichols College is located about an hour Southwest of Boston. Bill firmly believes it when he says:

“I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could…”

And he likes to add that he has had a daughter attend A & M, a daughter attend Sam Houston State and a son attend The University of Texas…so even if Texas changes their immigration laws, Bill gets to stay.

Anyway, right after college graduation, Bill spent a year selling transportation services to the oil business. Yes sir, a 23 year old Yankee out of Boston selling to the oil industry…that just didn’t work out too well. So after that first year, Bill walked into Windsor Consultants Inc and stated:

“Listen, I really want to sell, I really want to make money, I am really good at cold calling and maybe something in inside sales….”

Well if you think about it, Bill was really describing a Recruiting Position so Windsor Consultants Inc. hired him quickly. Then Bill decided that he wasn’t going to run into another credibility problem (like that oil field thing)… so he started to specialize in placing candidates like himself…which is defined as college graduates that have either graduated very recently, or the individual that has just a few years of experience after graduation and is looking for that job that he or she might retire from…again, in sales.

All sales positions that Bill has ever represented have come with salaries plus commissions, benefits, training, some sort of expenses and of course, they come with a promotion track. But, it must be emphasized, the only candidates that will be attracted to these large national or large regional firms will be that individual that sees his career as the 4th most important aspect of his life (after family/friends, his or her country or his or her God)…and is willing to work harder than they ever have before.

Anything less of a commitment than that…and these just aren’t the positions for you.

The Present

Finally to bring us up to present, just short of his 30th Anniversary with Windsor Consultants Inc, Bill took his practice private and hence…Williams Personnel. Bill is still placing successful sales people, just doing it at a different address. Bill looks forward to speaking with you with all due sense of urgency, because that is really what sales is all about.

“I have been pleased to enjoy a working relationship with Bill Fraser at two of the companies that I have helped manage, Ikon and RLS Legal Solutions. In both instances, Bill has brought nothing but the most professional of sales candidates to the table and this has allowed me to choose from the cream of the crop from my sales teams. Twice I have investigated hiring Bill for my own staff…but he is just too darn committed to his craft”

Garvin Boyd, Sales Manager, RSL Legal Solutions

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